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✓ So that I have a complete system…
✓ That runs by itself…
✓ So I can have lifestyle freedom.
✓ I know it's not free and it won't be cheap.
✓ But that's ok, I deserve to invest in myself.
✓ And I’d love to learn more…
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Student Testimonials 
Dr. Joi Lewis
Was able to earn $32,000 in Only 6 Weeks working with Marquel.
Gerald Bass
Was able to build a
6-Figure business in only 8 months working with Marquel.
Sharonn Cole
Had her first $51,537 month working with Marquel.
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 Action Point #1: Set Reminders For Your Appointment Time
Here are some suggestions to help make sure you attend your consultation at the correct time:
  • Print off your confirmation email and leave it near your computer, 
  •  Add the time and date to your online calendar system,
  •  Add the time and date to your smart phone calendar,
  •  Add the consultation details as a reminder on your smart phone, 
  •  Stick a post-it note on your computer monitor (old school!).
If you don't attend your consultation (for any reason) then we WON'T be able to reschedule your session. We simply have too many people waiting for a call!
Action Point #2: Watch The Short Video Below Now
Here at Enrollment Coach Mastermind we've helped people from all over the world create lifestyle and time freedom by design. This is the most profitable skill on the planet and anyone can learn it. 

Watch this short video see what to learn what your first day will be like if you become one of Brandon's students. What we've put together to help you is nothing short of amazing!! 
Action Point #3: Prepare Yourself For The Consultation
Before the call it's important that you take some time to reflect on 3 things: 
(1) Where your business is NOW.
(2) Where you want it to be 90 days from now.
(3) How important it is that you make this transformation.

I highly recommend that before you attend the call you write down specific answers to all 3 points, so that we can help you to the best of our ability during our time together.

We're very picky about who we work with because we only want to accept clients who we KNOW we can help!

So that we can be sure if that's YOU, be prepared to answer our questions about where you are now with your business, and where you want to be.
Back then I started working with Brandon it helped me a lot and learned a lot from him. Regarding how to sell people and how to sell my services, how do I position myself and how do I gain the necessary traffic so that I get a regular flow of clients. If you're someone who needs help in your business, I highly recommend you to work with Brandon. He's got a lot of experience in the industry and he's very knowledgeable about what he's doing. 
Steffen Rachut